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I have a GTX 580 card from MSI, and Ive been having some problems with it...

Sometimes when I try to boot the computer with the screen plugged into it, I have to reset several times to get any picture. Once when I did this, I switched to the onboard memory and looked in the device manager, only to find an error on the card saying that it did not have sufficient memory to start. I wonder if this means that the video card and on-board graphcis are in conflict somehow?

I have noticed a ton of problems in games too. Most games have flickering lines going across the screen, and in WoW, randomly my screen will go black, then come back with an error saying that the graphics driver had stopped working then recovered. It sometimes does this 5-6 times in a row, even once getting the BSoD.

I have updated the drivers fully, and run a video RAM test off of the Hirens 10 disk, which came back ok. Should I RMA this card, or is there something I can try first?

(also, I have a DXDIAG reading saved in a text file. Would that help any?)
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  1. How much Ram do you have?
  2. 12 GB
  3. like I said, I can post the result from dxdiag if it would help
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