4 pin PWM fan to either molex or 3 pin fan adapter?


I just successfully completed my first build (with a lot of help from this site, thanks!), but I ran into a slight problem. I bought a fan controller (the NZXT sentry II) and two PWM fans. Unfortunately though, the sentry only has connections for either the mini 3 pin type or molex, and obviously my PWM fans have the mini 4 pin connections. I would just plug the PWM into the mini3, except that it has a plastic housing around it that won't let the PWM connector fit. I found an adapter that might work, but I think i would need another adapter for it since the PWM side is female (http://www.xoxide.com/phobya-adapter4pin-pwm30cm-black.html). Basically right now I have the 2 PWM fans plugged into the mobo, whi works ok, but I would like to have them hooked up to the controller, either by molex or by the mini 3 pin via some sort of adapter. Do these exist? Thanks for reading
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  1. I'm going to bump this old forum because I am having the exact issue, except the CPU heatsonk camewith the PWM fan... Any help? I tried searching and this is the only thing I foubd
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