Geforce gtx 550 ti driver problems

I tried updating my geforce gtx 550 ti to the latest display drivers on the nvidia website and now my monitor isn't displaying anything. I had previously been using the driver that was automatically loaded by window vista 32bit and after loading the new driver my screen went blank, monitor went into sleep mode, and after waiting for 10 minutes I restarted the computer, which did nothing. Now I can't see the screen to fix the problem or rollback the drivers, anyone know what to do?
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  1. Remove the discrete card and see if you can use the integrated video, if you have integrated. If you get a display, see if you can get into windows to uninstall the Nvidia driver. If not, try booting to safe mode.
  2. Did you install the 32Bit drivers?
  3. Booting into Safe Mode should make Vista use the default Microsoft display drivers that were present at the time the OS was installed.
  4. As mentioned above, try integrated if possible.

    If that does not work, try a CMOS reset, re-seat the GPU into another PCIe slot, and make sure your cables are firmly attach from the GPU to PSU.

    Make sure you install the Windows 7 64-bit drivers directly from Nvidia.
  5. It turned out the updated driver switched which port was the #1 slot. I just had to plug in my 2nd monitor and I was able to change things around to get them back to normal. Thanks for the input guys!
  6. Are you saying you had a dual monitor setup?
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