Suggest a workstation pc for for my class project with a no less than $50000 lim

Hello guys can any body help me build a workstation pc for my class project I don't really know where to get all my high end parts i have $50000 to spend with a minimum of $49000 please help anybody thank you.
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  1. this workstation has a $50000 budget limit
  2. I guess toss a few of these in there?

    Seems like a stretch to get to $50k on a workstation.
  3. Ok. You wish us to hit a target within 49000-50000.

    - If required, could you increase this budget? - might open up a few more choices for us.

    - Please list the critical duties you wish this budget to realise, and expand a little on your 'class project'.

    Once we know this we will promise you a number of builds for you to select from. Depending entirely on its functionality, we might (not promising anything) help you save a little in your spend.
  4. Is this hypothetical or is this monster actually going to be built?

    You'd start with a dual-socket board and fill it with a pair of the top Xeons on the market. Max out the RAM, get the highest video card on the market (or two or three of them!) and drop in a few enterprise-class PCIe SSDs. These sort of parts are available at the usual resellers (if you can pony up the cash for them, of course! They're niche parts which don't go in large volume)
  5. Even then, 50k is a lofty goal to reach. What is this for, anyway?
  6. Please provide more details, I would love to hear this...
    But I think even 10k is more than enough.
    Just get a dual xeon or the new extreme if single threaded performance is important to you. Couple 840 pros, 128 gb ramquadros for work, gtx 680 for a mix of CUDAs/gaming performance.
    Fill the rest of budget with gold heatsink/radiator if watercooling (I hear it conducts better than them copper stuff-pfff, copper...)
    You honestly won't need 50k, it's veen hard to get to that budget, but prove me wrong.
  7. Check out TechOfTomorrows Pc (Elric Phares, from, if i'm correct it has 2 Xeons, 2 680s and 128GB RAM. You could woop this system, slap in 3 690s and 1.5tb worth of SSDs, and more RAM, i hope you're serious about this, as it would be a monster of a machine.
  8. Guys:

    the OP's original, and in particular, almost immediate and (critically) unnecessary 2nd confirmatory post (OP was concerned of the lack of uptake after only 3mins) - together with the lack of answers to our questions - does lead us, 'rather convincingly', to 1 overriding conclusion.
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