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Changed GPU and now projector displays with black border around it....

October 10, 2012 6:48:58 PM

I changed my GPU from a 4870x2 to a 5670 (I know a downgrade).

It was hooked up to a mitsubishi projector (1280x720 native) with a DVI to HDMI cord (DVI on the GPU end and HDMI on the projector end)

Also hooked to a LCD monitor - through DVI cords. Ran them both at 1280x720 duplicated. Everything was fine.

I put in the 5670 and now my projector displays at 1280x720 but slightly blurry with a black border around it, like a little smaller boxed in screen.

It is not the projector settings, as the projector is hooked to my dish and its fine. I could switch freely from dish to computer without a problem.

I updated drivers and used driver cleaner to make sure. Any reason for the projector showing 1280x720 but blurry and boxed in?