Any way to cool my gpu down

hello, i've had this problem for a while now but recently i've been trying to fix this. my pc temps are

gpu 57-60c idle and 65 67max under load
my cpu is about 40 and almost 50 under load
system temp is about 40

my gpu is this one:

so i just want to cool it down sadly i cant buy anything right now so i have my bare hands and a 2 inch fan i got from an old cpu cooler. i'm actually surprised by its power for its size. so i was wondering if anyone had some ideas to put it in and help cool down my gpu.

i cant find my specific case but its a generic hp pavilion desktop pc case.
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  1. Your temps are fine. Do nothing.
  2. I did ask if they were fine, i know they arent going to burn out i've been using it for over a year no problems. i would just prefer the gpu to me a little cooler.
  3. Well you don't have any money, so not much you can do.

    If you had a few bucks, a 120MM fan, some power tools and a fan grille would help you make a side intake fan.
  4. i've tried working with side fans and with my case i find they increase temps as intake or exhaust, im thinking something like a funnel and fan onto my gpu, one thing i should also mention is my case is a stock case and its kinda small, between wires and my gpu its practically split in to parts top and bottom, im assuming not much air flows between. so if anyone has any ideas for a funnel or a way of mounting this small fan on my gpu to cool it down a bit
  5. The GPU fan is probably not spinning up much because most manufacturers try to keep the GPU quiet until it gets hot enough to care.

    My ATI4850 didn't even break 80% RPM until 100c and only hit 100% fan speed at 107c. This was the driver default.

    You can get a slot cooler and angle the fan at the GPU if you're that concerned. an example

    Did you install Windows with AHCI enable and format the drive with 4KB clusters?
  6. i think i will just try some things out and see if any get it any cooler.
  7. along the lines of what kewlx25 said, can you go into the driver settings and just force a fixed high fan speed? You can with Radeon cards, but I've not used Nvidia for a while.
  8. well i would but reading about this cards fan has a pretty high chance to break. i think im going to tape my 2 inch fan to my psu have having it blow on the gpu or on the back of my case blowing in
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