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Hey guys and gals. Looking for some advise. I just up graded to a 32 inch 3d monitor. I play wow, swtor and various other games. I currently have a core i5 3570k @ 4.5 ghz and two ati 5870's crossfired with 4gigs of ram. In wow I used to run 70 fps min. Now it's more like 35-50 some times really low. So I thinking of upgrading to two new cards unless you can tell me one will do.

I am thinking of going with 2 7970's will I see a major increase in fps. Is one all I need?

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  1. Seems like 2 7970's would be overkill, but hell if you have the money go for it. You will dominate every game out on max 60 fps at least. If you want a cheaper solution you could get dual 7870's or 7950's. (idk about Nvidea, all the Nvidia cards i have are really old)
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