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After travelling around a bit with just my lappy, I was thinking about buying a new PC since my old one in storage is over four years old and was starting to have problems. So after a bit of googling and wiki-researching, I've decided to try building one for the first time. The ITX seems practical for my situation of travelling around and I'm not a fan of the large boxes with excess customisation room that I never use.

I looked at a few other ITX systems people had built and tried to pick out what I thought to be good for an ITX casual gaming PC. I'm no expert at this, far from it, so I'm entirely open to opinion.

CPU - Intel S1155 Core i5 3570 3.40Ghz Quad Core CPU

Motherboard - ASUS S1155 Mini-ITX P8H77-I Motherboard

Desktop Memory - DDR3 8GB (2x4G) Corsair 1600MHz Vengeance CL8 RAM Kit

Video Card - NVIDIA GTX650Ti 1GB ASUS PCIe Video Card PN GTX650TI-1GD5

Hard Drive - 320GB Western Digital 2.5" 7200rpm SCORPIO BLACK SATA 3Gb/s HDD PN WD3200BEKT

SSD Drive - 120GB Intel 330 Series SATA 6Gb/s SSD Drive [SSDSC2CT120A3K5]

PSU - Integrated 600W SilverStone PSU

Optical Drives - DVD Writer Pioneer 24x DVR-220LBK OEM - BLACK

Sound Card - Integrated Sound

Case - SilverStone SG08

I was looking at some higher performance parts, like an i7 3770 CPU and a NVIDIA GTX660Ti. Are these worth the extra dollars? Money isn't too much of an issue, but it's not worth paying for if they're not going to make a considerable difference. Just as a guage, I'm planning on playing Hawken and getting back into Tribes Ascend.

A few other questions:
I wanted to use the 2.5" drives for the reduced noise and power requirement, but is it easier just to get 3.5" drives when doing a build?
How much cooling would be required in a compact case?
Asus vs Gigabyte in terms of GPUs? (Price difference is obvious, but I prefer using quality parts)
PSU wattage calculated from eXtreme PS calculator. Is it reliable?

I'm travelling around Australia, so there's no difinitive date when I'm going to start this, just when I find somewhere to settle down for a bit and have the time to mess around with it.
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  1. Case wise, there are a lot of good compact cases out there.

    Silverstone SG08, SG07, SG06, SG05

    These all should fit double slot GPUs, but as for optical you'll need a slim drive.

    Larger ITX cases:

    Lian-Li PC-Q18, PCQ15

    The Q18 fits double slot cards, both support full-sized optical drives.
  2. Thanks. Looking at the Silverstone SG08 as the the most viable option. Nice to see the PSU is Silverstone too. Switching to a slim drive isn't an issue.
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