Why did my 560 TI stop underclocking at idle?

I noticed last night that my 560 TI is no longer underclocking itself when at idle, or not gaming. This is keeping my idle temps at almost 50c which is ridiculous.

The only things I have changed recently are, overclocking my cpu to 4.2 ghz about a week ago, and putting power management mode on "prefer maximum performance" in the Nvidia control panel a couple of days ago. Changing this back to Adaptive doesn't fix the issue.

My driver is current (306.23). I've been using this driver since it came out back in September. This issue just started two nights ago.

EDIT: Card is overclocked to 950 core clock and 2200 memory @ 1050v

System Specs:
i5 3570k
Coolermaster 700w PSU
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  1. Underclocking on idle is normal? ive been googling everywhere to get it to stop. i installed precision x and it shows it going from 900 to 50. i want 900 all the time ive even set the 3d settings to maximum performance rather then adaptive. Still no luck.
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