Gigabyte 5850 OC edition heat issues

My card is totally stock, the only thing I've done is max out the fans because of heat issues. I have been trying to benchmark my computer and downloaded Furmark to test my GPU. I seem to have a concerning problem, idle is 50C but when stressed by Furmark temps skyrocket...

GPU Clock 765MHz (slowest it will go because of the stock OC)
Memory Clock 1000MHz (standard for this card)

I've tried:
Side Panel off
50C to 96C in 1:26

Side Panel on
50C to 96C in 1:37

Side Panel on with 120mm fan blowing on video card
50C to 96C in 2:01


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    First off is to strip out the GPU cooler and give it a good clean, replacing the thermal compound while you're at it.
    If the above is too scary for you (and it is for many, so do n't feel bad ;)), get a can of compressed air from you local computer store then remove the card and use the can to blow the dust out of it.
    With stock coolers it's importaint to blow the 'wrong' way, so use the compressed air to blow into the exhaust of the card and NOT the fan, for that use a soft brush or cotton bud to remove most of the dust from the blades, then finish off with the air can, again, blowing into the exhaust vent.
    Do it outside :).
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  3. Yeah, I'm going to try the cleaning thing first, if that doesn't help, Ill buy some AS5 and try that, I'm not skerred, if I mess up Ill have an excuse to give my wife in order to get a 7970 :D.
  4. Well not sure what changed, I cleaned the GPU, and now it seems to cool better but my computer hard reboots at 85C. It did take 103 seconds for it to crash out this time, which is on point to hit 96 in like 2:45 or so. I just played 2 hours of LoL without breaking 60C but I imagine in BF3 or Skyrim it would easily get to 80+. As I was cleaning the card I was looking at how the heatsink was mounted, I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to take it off.
  5. If I'm seeing the right card, your cooler should be a dual fan type in which case it'll probably come off as an assembly by removing the 4 screws under the card at each corner of an 'X' shaped plate.
    Be careful, these screws can be tight so it is VITAL to use a good, tight fitting screwdriver.
    The 'X' shaped plate under the 4 screws is a spring so you should release each screw about a turn at a time in a diagonal sequence.
    Put the screws into a matchbox as they are removed-you know it makes sense.
    The heatsink itself WILL be stuck, so apply a firm twisting/lifting motion to break the seal.
    The old thermal grease is probably like concrete by now but it'll come off if you use a paper towel moistened with cleaning fluid, start with the heatsink first to get a feel of how it'll come off.
    Use the new stuff sparingly, a blob the size of half a grain of rice is plenty for the GPU itself and I uually apply it to the heatsink, that way it's not possible to 'spill' any onto the circuit board.
    The 7950 is a better buy ;) .
    If you have further issues/questions, please start a new thread and link to this one or the Mods will probably close the thread because it's 'solved'.
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