Amd in a intel mobo

Can I use a amd graphics card 7950 with a intel mobo
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  1. Yes. If you have a socket 1155 motherboard (For i7's, i5's, i3's.), only one of those CPU's will work, but any GPU will work. The 7950 will fit.
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  3. Just make sure you have enough room in the case and a strong enough power supply to run it!
  4. does amd take more power then intel
  5. not intel i ment does it take more power then something like a GeForce GTX 680
  6. not really much difference. The AMD gpus this generation is ussually about 5% more power hungry than nvidia's.
  7. I would bet a large majority of 7950 users are running Intel. Works great.

    7950 needs a 500w or larger power supply.
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