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I'm planing to build my first computer in the very near future. i have a good idea of what parts i will need in generic terms (CPU, GPU, motherboard etc etc), but have no clue about comparability and what will give me the best performance for the money.

so my question is, with a budget of 1,000 max, what would your parts list be (excluding windows and monitor). i would like it to be able to support 2 graphics cards, but for the purpose of my question just one card will do for now.
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  1. Here toms did a sample system a few months back. Use it as a base for your build,3276.html

    the prices for the parts probably went down a little so it will be below $1000

    -The processor for sure is a good buy.
    -For the gpu, im more of a fan of the radeon series (7950 or 7970).
    -A ssd is recommended to put your os on to reduce boot time.
    -You can choose a different case if you dont like that one.
    -8 gb of ram is enough.
    -The 600w card is enough for a single card (which is all you need unless you want to use more than 1 monitor).
    -Finally the motherboard they have there uses an old chipset. so try this one:
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