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I recently upgraded my Power Supply to a 600w and processor from 2.2ghz quad A6-3620 APU to 3.0ghz A8-3870K APU. I have PCI-Express(can't find out which version) and the little pci as well as a 6pin power cord from the PSU free.

If the only I'm interested in playing on my PC is The Old Republic what is the best card that I can throw in there? I'm interested in speed more that how pretty the game looks if that's a consideration. I can spend whatever I need. I'm know next to nothing about computer hardware so I just want something I can stick in and play

Thanks for any suggestions.
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  1. If you have only one PCI-E power connector the best you can throw in is either the 660, 7850 or 7770 if you are on a tight budget.
    7850 1GB-
    I don't know exactly how they'll perform in that game. What resolution do you play at?
    Honestly I'm thinking the two better than the 7770 are overkill.
  2. The monitor's top resolution is 1920x1080. Money isn't a factor, just want whatever will give me best performance without adding anything else to the computer.
  3. Well you should be able to max every setting on the 660 and 7850 and get about 45FPS on 660 and 40FPS on 7850. As for the 7770 you'd be able to run max settings with just 4x AA on at about 50 FPS. In comparison the 660 and 7850 should be around 75-80 at those settings.
  4. What is the make of the PSU?
    If you could list a newegg link to the exact model that'd be great.
  5. So sounds to me like the 7850 is the best way to go. I get around 60fps as it is with everything down low

    Is this 7850 comparable to the one you linked me to?
  6. Yes but why would you want that? It costs more? A 1GB version is fine at that resolution, that's a 2GB version (but still overpriced for that version). Every card on their site is overpriced $50+
  7. Well that brand isn't know for being good. Honestly I'd recommend you buy a new one (it'd still be cheaper than getting the overpriced on on the other site).
    You could get this and be better off in terms of reliability (I made the mistake of buying a bad brand PSU and payed the price of three burnt out GPU).
  8. Is there a 7850 that just requires the one power connector and not 2?
  9. Yes every single one only requires one PCI-E connector all I'm saying about the PSU is that's a bad quality brand.
  10. On the 7850 you linked me to it says 2 X 6 pin, just a typo?
  11. Yes it is a typo. If you look at the pictures of the GPU itself it only has one PCI-E connector.
    Click on the picture and center bottom image will prove this.
  12. That would be the white part next to the gold part?
  13. If you're on the center bottom image (when you click on the main image a box should come up with 6 images and a rotational view). It will be the black connector on the corner closest to you.
  14. Thanks, for all I knew I was looking at a picture of big foot haha.

    You mentioned 4x AA, all I see for an AA option in the settings is low, medium and high. I know you can tweak the settings through the files but I don't want to mess with any of that. If I order that power supply and that 7850, I can install them, put the game on it's highest preset and get framerates around 60?

    What about dual monitor support for word processing\internet? Not needed but I could make use of the extra space to work.
  15. In my opinion AMD cards are much better for multiple monitors. It will easily work with two. If you plan on gaming on two though not so good. So one would have to be solely for productivity/ desktop where as other is for games.

    Essentially put all the setting at max and you should be good. Only possible problem is the CPU but I doubt it will be much of a factor.
  16. OK cool, I'll order that one and the power supply now. Thanks.

    If the processor gives any problems I'll just turn settings down to compensate, my research says I can't go to any higher one on this socket type anyway.

    I'll let you know how it works out, thanks again.
  17. Yeah you're right but what you can do is overclock the CPU. That's what the k stands for. Look at these results.,3260.html
    They got it to 3.6 GHz.

    As for the on chip graphics they'll be useless now.

    In the future I recommend only getting these brands of PSU: XFX, SeaSonic, OCZ, Corsair, Antec and PC Power and Cooling, listed in no specific order (theirs also a few exceptions like what I have ,a Cougar... Enermax and Lepa are some others which are good but mainly at the high end)but for the most part it's easiest to stick with those brands.
  18. This is the only game I want to play on the PC, do you see me having to overclock it the future? It's quick at the 60fps I get now so imagine the 90~ I'll have with that card will be plenty. I wouldn't even know how to start doing it and would rather not bother.

    Also, let me ask you something else. Right now I have 12GB of pc3-10600 RAM out of max. 16. I found out this motherboard can use the pc3-12800. Would I gain anything substantial by changing?
  19. Nope no real advantage since you're not using the on chip GPU. As it is 12GB is overkill (I wouldn't get more than 8 GB unless you plan on doing heavy video editing).

    You won't have to mess with the CPU clock all I'm saying is you might be able to get just a bit more performance out of the GPU if you did. If you don't overclock it, don't worry it'll still be fine. As for the ~90 FPS I doubt that because you should just max out the game settings which will bring it down to the ~60-70 FPS region.
  20. Oh ok well 60-70 range is still playable. Thanks for all the help.
  21. 60-70 is more than the monitor is capable of displaying (which is 60) so yeah definitely playable.
  22. That has to do with the refresh rate, right?
  23. Yes unless you spend the extra money on a 120 Hz monitor there is no benefit over 60 FPS. 120 Hz can display 120 frames in one second where a standard monitor is 60 Hz and thus can only display 60 frames in one second. Some will argue that anything over 30 FPS is useless because after that the human eye can't notice any difference but many will argue against that saying that they can tell a difference. Some say that higher FPS helps lengthen the time they can play before they get a headache.
  24. Oh I see, yea I'm not that into it haha.

    Let me ask you about the software, is it better to the let the graphics card control options like AA or leave it game dependent?
  25. If you want something that can max that game..try the gtx requires 2 6pin pcie connector..but you can use a molex to 6pin adapter which is included in the box.. choose from these,3217.html
  26. Never use an molex to PCI-E adapter that's how PSU are overloaded and fail. Theirs a reason it didn't come with more PCI-E connectors from the factory. His CPU would restrict that GPU so much he wouldn't have major performance gains and he can max the game with a GPU that's $150 less. That's awful advice. The game also tends to favor AMD cards.

    I'd leave it game dependent but if you want even better image quality you can also add the graphics cards AA options. Personally I'd just adjust game settings and see why sort of FPS you get. If you are around 60 stick with that. If you're more than 60 (say 80-90) you might want to add in the graphics card AA (this would be in AMD catalyst control center) since your GPU can handle the extra quality without a performance hit (since it's more than the screen can display).
  27. Alright, neat. Can't wait for it to get here, if I can figure how I'll post some before and after screenshots to show the gain.
  28. Okay if you need any advice on switching the PSU just ask. If you've never done it I recommend reading/watching a tutorial. Also get it working with the new PSU first then switch the GPU. This will help avoid an issue since there's only one variable changing versus two, mainly helps troubleshoot if there is an issue (although I highly doubt there will be any).
  29. Ok so I've finally been able to find the time to install all the hardware. SWTOR runs on high with every setting enabled to max with FPS around 65 never below about 60.

    The card was HUGE. Didn't realize they were that big physically.

    Thanks for helping me pick the right stuff. I'm still fiddling with the card settings(triple buffering etc).
  30. That good. Glad I could be of help.
  31. Sadly I had to take the card out, after a few days of playing it kept dying to a black screen. PC was still on and functions(sound etc) just the card stopped dead in the tracks and wouldn't come back on until I pulled it out and put it back in. Drivers were all current, power supply is functioning. I didn't touch a setting with overclocking or anything so no idea what's wrong.

    I'm sort of over it anyway, pc gaming is frustrating! Maybe The Old Republic will make its way PS3 bound one day.
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