How can I implement a bandwidth cap on my network?

Simply put, I need help. I currently am enrolled in college and just landed a job working at the local college residence. The rooms and everything are nice, but there is one slight problem... the bandwidth.

I and everyone else whom lives here has paid roughly $250 in their tuition to pay for the internet here, which wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for everyone else whom does nothing but stream and download all night. All of my friends as well as myself are sick of coming home from school and trying to surf the internet or play games on a 5kb/s connection, while (pardon me) Assholes upstairs and in other rooms are downloading movies and are getting the 1mb/s connection that the rest of us wish we all had.

Now like i said, i just landed a job working at the front desk (administration) for this residence building. What i really want to do is put a bandwidth cap on everyone, so not one person is hogging all the internet and leaving the rest of us with a really bad connection. I was thinking along the lines of maybe 150kb/s because i know of people whom have VOIP phone lines and such and they require at least a 125kb/s connection to function normally.

I haven't taken a look myself at the routers or servers that are here in the building, but in the case that the routers do not support QoS or a bandwidth limiter option, is there any other way that i could bring the internet usage to a screeching halt and distribute it evenly with the rest of the people here (including myself)?

I am currently enrolled in a network security / management course and i would love to have an answer soon as I myself am excited as to what the answer (if any) is.

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  1. You will need support in the router to limit bandwidth.
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