I have the got this PC. Which gfx card is best for it under 7000rs?

Hey there,
i've got this new pc:
8GB RAM 1600Mhz DDR3
550w PSU Iball ( i'm thinkin of 80+ certified coolermaster and same power )

OK, i'm getting this great deal on ebay.in of 7000rs, the GTX 550ti 1GB DDR5. My dad is out in other city so he will come back tomorrow and check it out. But the remaning time on ebay is 22hrs so it is out of my leauge.

So, can u guys tell me which graphics card will be the best for the above system under 7000rs (135 US DOLLARS) on which i can play crysis 2, max payne 3, most wanted 2, prototype 2, prototype, gta 4, gta 5, mass effect 3, dead space 2, dead space 3, etc.................. on high settings or medium to high settings?

Hope i find my graphics card and play games. Thanks :D
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  1. Radeon 7770 or 6850 is going to be your best bet with that budget. Both are considerably better than the 550 Ti. 550Ti is about on par with the Radeon 6770, which are under $100 here in the US.
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