Changing graphic cards.

Hello, I´m currently in the process of chanigng my integrated graphic cards (Motherboad is a G41M-VGS3/ G41M-VS3) for a XFX AMD Radeon HD 6870.

I have been reading a few guides of how to do so and finally the user manual. The manual and the guides differ a lot on how to change them. Guides asks you to unmount the current graphic card and then change it for the new one, but in this case i cannnot un-mount it.

I basically know what to do, but right now i´m asking for further assitance in an attempt of not screwing things up.

So i come here to ask for ¨more¨help about it. If i have to be carefull with something, if i have to plug or unplug something, or hell, even the way the fan is supposed to be facing.

Hope you can help me out and thanks in advance.
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  1. don't over complicate things. with the machine off and unplugged.......... slip the new video card in it's slot ( correctly ). screw it down. attach power if applicable. restart machine. if all goes well windows will find the new device. after that you can install the drivers for it. ( the ones you downloaded beforehand from AMD's driver site )

    if all goes well, no worries. if complications arise they will be dealt with.
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