My asus k52j doesnt connect to wlan

my wlan was working fine yesterday, but today as i switched on my laptop it wouldn't connect to my WLAN and kept saying my router/hotspot needs to be reseted. I tried switching my midem on and off, reinstalling windows, reinstalling drivers, and everything i could think of but it was all useless. Plz help if anyone can!!!
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  1. Hello mahera_erum,

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    So what exactly happens. Your laptop is not detecting your WiFi signal OR WiFi signal appears and laptop refuses to connect.

    1. In some laptops, there is a WiFi on/off switch (could be a combination of Fn+one more function key). Make sure that your WiFi is on
    2. Do you have any other device that is connecting to this WiFi signal. Just want to ensure nothing is wrong at router/internet end.
    3. Did you try to connect your laptop to some other WiFi hotspot
    4. Could be an issue with WiFi card
    5. Try to update BIOS
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