Gtx 660Ti Crysis 2 gpu usage?

I get around 50-60 fps in Crysis 2 with all settings maxed DX9 and 1920x1080.. HD textures also on.. GPU usage is 95-99% most of the time.

But in some places it goes down to 70-80% usage or so causing it drop to about 30-40 fps which is super annoying.

I have the latest drivers installed (306.63) and running Win7 64bits..I also tried some older driver versions but no luck.

Card is Gigabyte GTX 660Ti 2GB (non-OC) running at stock speeds.

I would like to know if there is any way to solve this problem..? Thanks!
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  1. Well i have 960T running @ 3.3Ghz .. so its possible that my cpu is causing it but i dont know.. Its GPU usage that is strange :??:

    Here it is:

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