Fit question for Bitefenix Prodigy with 240mm top rad

Now I know you cannot fit a blu ray drive in the 5.25" bay with a 240mm rad up top. A blu ray drive is on average 170.2mm in length so it protrudes fairly deep obviously conflicting with the radiator. Now Bitfenix's fan controllers are extremely thin profile. the 2 ends stick out slightly at 67mm but the entire width of the drive between the 2 metal edges is less than 10mm of depth. Can I fit the fan controller up there?

I really like that 5 channel fan controller that can also be controlled with an app on your phone through the internet. Can put every fan in my system on its own channel. I'm really hoping this can fit. The 2 metal edges are very thin and are most likely used to secure the controller to the case as the actual controller is like 8mm deep so there is no need for the long of metal flaps on the side except that it's a universal design to attach 5.25" drives. I really hope the 2 67mm flaps doesn't destroy it. If I had to I could ghetto rig it with those flaps cut off but I really don't want to have to do that.

Anyone with knowledge of the Bitfenix Prodigy can I fit the bitfenix fan controllers at the same time as a 240mm rad?
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  1. nobody knows?
  2. you can use the recon but you'll need to flip the face plate of that prodigy upsidedown.
  3. You mean the actual fan controller or something else im flipping upside down i dont get it
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    :) please google Bitfenix prodigy owners club. You'll see in the first 10 pages maybe how they managed to watercool the thing with the fan controller mounted on the bottom.
  5. ohhhh ok so it wont just fit on the top with a 240 rad? Turn the whole front face upside down and mount it in the bottom since the drive is now on the bottom. I see I see. Is it really that simple to flip it upside down?
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  7. Quote:
    Is it really that simple to flip it upside down?
    wouldn't be here telling you if it weren't :) +others wouldn't be doing it if they had to cut up the case entirely.
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