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I have seen multiply threads about crossfireX and duel monitors and everything i read says you can have both. but i cant seem to make it work for my setup. i have two 24" AOC monitors 2 6850 graphic card crossfire. amd chipset and asus motherboard. when i have crossfire on the system will only use one monitor. i have to turn off crossfire and plug one monitor into each graphic card in order for both monitors to work. even if i have cross fire off and both monitors plug into one graphic card it still wont use both monitors. i am kinda stumped on what i am doing wrong i have the latest drivers and everything is up to date. any one have any ideas thanks.
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  1. You should be able to make it work, and both monitors should be connected to the primary card. Have you tried one monitor on both connections on your primary card to make sure the both outputs work? You might find the card has a defective connection. If that is the case, swapping the video cards locations could fix it for you, so the 2nd card becomes the primary card.
  2. right now i am not running crossfire and my both monitors are plug into each graphic cards i moved both to the second DVI slot and both cards didnt put out any signal. when i move them back to the top DVI slot signal comes through again. could i have a setting wrong? or could both my cards be defective?
  3. If they both work on the top card, then you should be good to go. I'm guessing you have a setting wrong if they still don't work in crossfire.
  4. sorry i wasnt very clear i placed both monitors on one graphic card. the top DVI port puts out a signal the second one doesn't and its like that for both graphic cards. the only thing i haven't tried yet was switch the graphic card slots on he motherboard but i dont see how that would affect anything.
  5. What monitors do you have? Are you using a DVI -> VGA adapter or DVI-A connections to your monitors? Most graphics cards seem to only have 1 DVI connection that is DVI-I, which is capable of supporting an analog signal capable of supporting a VGA connection.
  6. i have 2 23" model e2343fk. there are both connected with DVI -> VGA adapter so only one port works for VGA connection? if that is the case i am super retarded. i looked at the back of the graphics card both are DVI connections but only one says VGA next to it. so i guess i need to get DVI cables to make it work. wow i am an idiot thanks for the help. i get some dvi cable now.
  7. Glad I helped. I don't think most people would have known that, so don't be hard on yourself, but it is preferred to use DVI connections anyways.
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