GTX460 aftermarket cooler?

Hey community,

So I am thinking of getting an aftermarket cooler for my Sparkle GTX460. It uses the reference board, so any cooler that says it would fit a 460 should fit a 460. I'm thinking something like this:

I don't mind if its 3 slots. Just can't be more than 3. Preferable less, because if it is exactly 3, airflow may be restricted due to my GTS250 working as a Physx card, which I intend on keeping. I haven't gotten to trying CPU Physx, but as I have just overclocked to 4.4GHz on my 2500K, I might give it a shot.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated, but this cooler would match the fans that are in my case.


EDIT: The cooler cannot be over 9" or a little more in length
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  1. As far as I'm concerned, that's money that can go towards a new GPU!
  2. Well, I didn't have a plan to get rid of the card anytime soon, and I was just overclocking it today. The overclocking went well, but I'm trying to go for a more silent computer.

    There's a good chance I will also get another for SLI from my cousin.
  3. Dude, I love that page now. Best thing ever.

    I've also figured out that my 460 is performing a bit slower compared to everyone else's. Going to have to overclock a bit more.
  4. I just ran 3DMark 11 again, after a memory speed change and slight (max for the processor) OC
  5. I just got mine to run at 900 stable, which I am happy about. I'm going to leave it there for a bit at least. I don't know how those people get much higher scores than that with similar systems in terms of the 460 fan club, but oh well.
  6. The cooler will work but you will run into the same problem that I had with my gigabyte 460. There will be some back pressure behind the cooler and some of the exhaust will loop back into the fans so having a fan near by is important. Beyond that you already figured everything out.

  7. My setup is similar to this except I have my H60, and the GTX460 resides in the top slot in the back of the case. There is a fan there blowing air into the card.

    I think I'll order the card when I RMA my new board and get a refund. Thanks guys!
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