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Comcast says i need a new modem; do I?

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November 21, 2011 7:09:36 PM

Comcast has told me that I need a new modem. mine doesnt allow their fast internet service and that i can rent one from them for......

so, why all of a sudden do i need a new modem? i am only paying for their slowest internet service and has worked for all these years.

BUT, every 3 days or so the service dies. i have to disconnect the coax from the wall and then reconnect it to re-establish service. is this my modem?? sounds like its 'them' not me?? when i call they just have me disconnect and reconnect. nothing about my equipment. one gal said wow your service is constantly restarting. what would this mean? she would not answer. AND after calling them my service works great for a long time.... then it dies again.

if i really need a new modem ok but it smells fishy to me.

thanks for your input.


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November 21, 2011 10:06:40 PM

I always take advice from an ISP with a grain of salt; they always seem to want to blame something/someone else.

That said, they might have upgraded their equipment and now your modem cannot get a reliable connection. If I were you, I would try to swap modems with a friend on the same system and see if the problem moves with the modem.