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Dvi ports wont work on my nvidia cards?

So I just got finished building my new computer, anyway I can't get my monitor to detect a signal when I use my VGA to dvi connector that comes with the graphics cards. For example my old gt 240 has a VGA and dvi slot; when plugged into VGA it works fine but when I plug it in the dvi slot with an adapter my monitor gets no signal. This is really irritating because my new 660 ti only has dvi slots and no luck with that either. Any help would be appreciated

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  1. Bump for help.
  2. Bumping is not required. What make/model of 660ti do you have?

    It is possible that you are plugging your VGA adapter into a DVI-D (digital only) port. If so, you can't use a VGA adapter with that port. You must use with a DVI-I (supports digital and analog devices) port.

    It is also possible that the provided adapter is defective.

    If you monitor supports DVI (or any other digital connection) you should use that instead of the VGA connection.
  3. I'm using the MSI 660 ti, and I've tried using a VGA to dvi on both the 660 ti and gt 240 and no signal.
    And I've tried two adapters and neither of them work. It's either VGA only or nothing. I'll try to get pictures if that helps
  4. The DVI port under the HDMI port is the DVI-I port and should work with the proper VGA adapter to a VGA display.

    What make/model of display are you using?
  5. Yeah it fits fine but apparently I get no signal from it. The monitor I'm using is an HP LP 2605.

    On the monitor there are no VGA ports, only dvi. but the cable that came with it is a dvi that connects to the monitor while the other end is VGA. Do I need a dvi only cable?
  6. Yes, a DVI to DVI cable should solve this problem.
  7. I'll go out and buy one today. One more thing though, I have a tv that has one vga port, would the vga to vga+dvi adapter work on that? I hope I make sense, but I can't try until later on today so I'm just asking. The resolution is like 1366x768 i think so it can be temporary if it works.
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    It should work with the DVI end connected to the GPU and the VGA end connected to the HDTV. However, using the HDMI port would be better.
  9. Ok I'll be sure to try it. if it doesn't work I'll tell you what I did. Thanks
  10. Good luck!!!
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  12. Thanks a lot! I finished my set up yesterday and I'm loving it so far, battlefield 3 runs so smooth on ultra its amazing.
  13. Excellent news. Have fun!!!
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