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I recently upgraded my HP DV6 to windows 7, it was all going great. I have this docking system i can connect my HP laptop too(Strictly HP) where it can be used as a good speaker, and it also has many inputs as ethernet,VGA, etc. Before the upgrade to Windows 7(was using Vista) i can use this dock simple. No problems, was an awesome speaker... Life goes on, until today. Here are my specs AMD Athlon X2 Dual-core 2.1, 64-Bit Windows 7, 3 Gigs of ram, 350 GB Hardrive, AMD 3200 HD
I have the drivers, and My original resolution should be 1366 x 768

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  1. ... could you finish the post? What exactly sort of problem are you having?
  2. I just want my screen resolution to go to its actual size of 1366 - 768 rather than 1024 - 768
  3. Anybody know what i can do? This is really bothering me
  4. Can anybody help me?
  5. Have you installed the drivers for your gfx card or onboard video chip ? Visit AMD support and download the drivers for your video chip.

    Please note recent downloads nay not support your onboard video chip. Look for older drivers and read the release notes before downloading.
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