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CyberPower PC Nightmare - Major Technical Problems HELP!

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December 2, 2012 7:52:25 AM

So roughly 7 months ago I purchased a desktop from CyberPower PC for around $1400 and at first it appeared I was getting a great deal for the specs. Everything looked good until I waited a total of 6 weeks for the thing to arrive and found a whole bunch of problems with the system. Let me first warn anyone viewing this thread that this is not only a horror story review but a desperate cry for help.

It started out with a completely dead GPU. I guess during their packing process they damaged the GPU in some non-repairable fashion and a week later I bought a new GPU to replace the dead one. I'd heard horror stories regarding getting refunds and replacement parts so I decided to just go ahead and replace the part on my own. The next part takes a while to actually do damage as I made a rookie mistake and didn't look at everything properly inside because after the GPU replacement everything seemed to work great.

It would seem they removed or broke off one of the heatsinks on the motherboard (Gigabyte GA-970A-D3 Socket AM3+) and this just recently caused the mobo to burn out and fail. It wasn't until I bought a new motherboard that I realized they'd damaged the original one. Fine. Replaced the mobo, found out they also plugged in the front LED display wires in the wrong spots so I rectified that upon re-installation. Next I was told, after some really horrible lockups/freezing, that I had to format and reinstall Windows so that everything would work right with the new mobo. Did that and now I'm sitting here with new problems.

I would consider myself moderately experienced with computers. I know enough to get stuff running most of the time but I've never actually dealt with a new motherboard installation. I've been hearing that the BIOS needs to be properly configured on top of a fresh install of Windows but I am at a complete loss on how to actually configure the BIOS for the new mobo. I just assumed it would be pre-programmed to work right out of the box, perhaps I am wrong. If I do need to configure the BIOS to work properly with all of the hardware in my PC, how would I go about doing it and what information would I need?

I suspect that the brand new mobo not being properly configured for the hardware attached to it is causing random lockups/freezes.

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December 2, 2012 8:46:02 AM

What I would do.

Rebuild the system with the original components, then demand a refund. They sent you DOA components that clearly shouldn't have made it through quality control, with horrible workmanship if they had to saw off a heatsink to get something to fit and screwed up the front LED's.

The build your own system using the components you bought attempting to fix the Cyberpower one. You evidently know how to build a machine, so that's no barrier.

You shouldn't have to do anything to the BIOS to get a new install to work. Only exception would be if Cyberpower are flashing custom BIOS's into their motherboards, which I doubt.
December 2, 2012 10:54:27 PM

Well I looked over the BIOS and it all looks good so I'm thinking all's well on that front. Now I'm worried that the harddrive is beginning to go already because of the hang ups I'm experiencing.

Also, in regards to demanding a refund-I totally would but I've heard some terrible stories about trying to get a refund or replacement parts from CyberPower. I'd rather just fix their mistakes and be done with them. Lesson learned and wallet definitely lightened. I think I may post in another section of the forum to get some help with troubleshooting my HDD because this really is beyond a bad review for CP, I need to get this lockup/hang up issue solved.