Gaming PC that can run DayZ on Medium Settings?

I don't know if it is possible but i want to build a $500 Gaming PC that can run DayZ on Medium settings!! Everything including the OS i need !! But I have A monitor, Keyboard, and mouse.
Note: This is just a placeholder for awhile until i have enough to get a really good Gaming PC!!
So can some please help me out and give me the specs for a $500 Gaming PC that can run DayZ on medium settings?
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  1. Save money and get the PC that you are planning to get.
  2. Do as lordxarus said
    If you buy everything cheap to fit your budget, you'll have to upgrade everything when the time comes.
    If you use your $500 to make half of your computer amazing, the other half will keep it from performing well.

    Find out what you want, how much money you need, and save up for it.
    Since you're on a tight budget, I'd recommend looking for deals on parts you want as you save up.
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