Internal Network Wifi streaming stutter

Hi, I've tried relentlessly to figure out the bottleneck where my streaming stutter is coming from but with no luck.

I have tried various programs (Plex, Ps3 Media Server, TVersity) and can only get watchable results turning the bandwidth on the program down to 1-1.5 mbps. I'm technically minded but don't know networking inside out.

- Wireless N, but since PS3 only accepts G it is as follows:
- Mixed Mode (G/n)
- 2.4 ghz
- 40 MHZ only (channel width)
- Wide Channel "Auto"

Internet Service:
- "Fibe" 12mbps Down / 7mbps up.

Wiring: Modem Connects by ethernet to a WAP to be able to share full speed of "N" service. (set up by Bell)
- WAP610N (WAP "N")
- Alcatel Lucent 7130 (accesses internet)

Storage: Videos are stored on a NAS Lacie plugged in by ethernet, but for the last while I've only been using INTERNAL storage on my MacBook Pro to cut out any bottlenecks.

Any help is appreciated as i've been trying to resolve this for over a year!
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  1. similar issue here.....
  2. This sounds like a file format issue or hardware issue.

    Since the streaming works from the macbook we can elimite the PS3. the macbook and the wireless network.

    What file formats are your videos stored in? If the file formats are not supported by the PS3 - like mkv/vob - they will need to be transcoded by the media server before being sent to the ps3. In your case the macbook is good enough spec to handle the transcoding, the processor in the lacie drive is not.

    I stream to xbox/smartTV using serviio installed on my desktop. The desktop will convert xvid/mkv/vob files on the fly before sending them to the TV. This works because the dekstop has Core2Duo overclocked @3.4ghz with 4gb ram. Tried using an old P4 3Ghz with 1gb ram and winXP and it struggled with the larger, high quality video files.
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