Person with no clue wants to build a pc :')

Hey :)
Im wanting to build a new PC and it will be the first one i have built and so i am unsure of if the parts i am currently looking at are worth it :) The parts im currently looking at are:

INTEL Core I7-2600K 3400MHz 8MB Cache LGA1155 Desktop CPU boxed @ £208

Sapphire Vapor-X Radeon HD 7770 Graphics Card ATI PCI-e 1 GB GDDR5 Memory HDMI 2 x DVI DisplayPort 1 GPU @ £110

G-Skill 8GBXL Ripjaws X for Intel Sandybridge Platforms DDR3 PC12800 1600MHz 8GB Kit @ £32

Asus P8Z77-V Motherboard (Socket 1155, 32GB DDR3 Support, ATX, PCI-Express 3.0, USB 3.0, Asus Wi-Fi Go Remote, SLI/CrossFireX Support, Dual Intelligent Processors 3) @ £127

Samsung HN-M101MBB 1TB 5400rpm SATA 2.5 inch Internal Hard Drive @ £61

Asus DRW-24B5ST 24x Internal SATA DVD Drive @ £16

Powercool 750W 80+ Dual 12V V2.2 High Efficiency PSU - Black @ £45

Zalman Z9 Plus Midi Tower Case - Black @ £45

Totalling : £646

Im wanting the best gaming PC for under £650 that will last and not need updating in the next couple of years beyond adding another graphics card. im open to suggestions where im wasting money or there is a better config available. My main question is over the motherboard as i dont know if its worth it if im using the i7 2600k and what would be a reliable alternative?? any improvements to help out a clueless guy?
Thanks to any help :)
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  1. If this is a gaming PC, you are going to want a less strong CPU and a more strong CPU. A 2600K is going to give you no advantage in gaming over an i5.

    You can get the i5-3570K with a CPU cooler, and the money saved, you can get a higher end GPU.
  2. Just a small tip, 10 parts (11 if ssd in) for a PC, and be sure to watch some quides how to build a pc, like from newegg on youtube!!:)
  3. My reasoning for the i7 is that i do a fair bit of modelling as part of my work and i also wanted a processor that shall last and not need upgrading for as long as possible as well as being good for games :) i probably should have explained that at the start so my bad sorry :) im just really questionning my choice of motherboard, graphics card and power supply as i dont know whats best or worth it and reliable :) and Mmatuu i already have watched all the new egg ones haha :) after all the stories ive heard from friends of how easy it is to mess it up im determined not to break anything :')
  4. I forgot to mention that that power supply does not seem all that reliable. Go with a name brand model, like Antec or Seasonic or something.

    And the i7 will work well for you then.
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