Upgread the gpu and get problem

Hello ,

i'm a new member here :)

and i want your help guys

i have upgread my GPU from Sparkle GTX 460 2 GB to MSI 570 GTX twin frozr ii and this does't work good with me and sometimes the monitor turn off for and come back so ,, if u can guys help me and i get back my old one and it's work good

My pc :

CPU : i5-650
Powersupply : gigabyte 750 watt
MB : gigabyte P55-usb3

please help me
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  1. 26 views and no comment please guys help me :'(
  2. What do you mean by "doesn't work good"? Does the system boot? lockup? BSOD? or is it just poor performance?
  3. Yeah,
    Explain properly with more information
  4. i mean the GPU work but it's not good i play cod4 and i get 125 fps and i think i should get 250 stable so maybe it's work 40% from it's power idk why ? if the problem from thr RAMS or something in my pc tell me pls :s
  5. Don't be ridiculous. Plus why would you not play with v-sync on.
  6. when 570 gtx in my pc ,, it's lagging and crashing that's all
  7. Powersupply : gigabyte 750 watt
    gigabyte don't make power supply
  8. Go google about it ? ..
  9. what is this v-sync ?
  10. rgd1101 said:
    Powersupply : gigabyte 750 watt
    gigabyte don't make power supply


    Anonymous said:
    what is this v-sync ?

    V-sync is a proceadure the VGA may use in order to synchronize the horizontal and vertical refresh rates, thus avoiding image tearing. Some people do not think it worth the performance impact, while others, like me, consider it mandatory.

    You said you think your card is not working properly because it is running COD4 at 120+ FPS, and you expected 250+. Don't get me wrong, but you should be glad your card is not wasting resources generating frames you won't see. There is nothing wrong with it.

    If it is lagging, it is surely not running at 120FPS.
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