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I have Lenovo Y560(HD 6750M/5700 Video Card) with 2 operating systems installed - Windows 8 Pro RTM x64(MSDN Subscriber) and Windows 7 professional X86 in dual boot. I use this configuration because I want to play BF3 and while in Win8 I get 12-15 FPS, in Win7 I get 30+ on same video settings. I think AMD drivers just aren'ț good enough right know. Well, so far so good, but 2 days ago, while playing on Win7, the laptop crashed because of high GPU temperature (110 C). Well, I cleaned it and reapplied thermal paste. After this operation, still no change on temperatures. Then, I started stressing the video card using FurMark and while on Win7, I got 72 C after 5 minutes(73 max), on Win7, after 10 secods the laptop stopped. Reinstalled drivers and now I get 91-92 C after 5 minutes(93 max) and slowly rising. I did't go further because it's clear there is a problem somewhere. What could be the problem ?
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  1. download this program
    run it and upload ain image
    firstly use laptop cooler pad
    do not place laptop on your leg or on an flat area like bed.blanket
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