Hey , Im planning to get a new Rig soon . Can someone help me and also check out ... ok so this is what i plan on getting .. i want it strictly for gaming only . ( my first time building ) pls advise me .

GPU : gtx 570/gtx660
CPU: i5-3570
Motherboard : Asus P8Z77-V LX
PSU : Cooler Master 720 W
RAM : VENGEANCE 8 GB ( 4x2 )
HD : 1TB

PLEASE help me ... i want something that can last perhaps a good/better motherboard so i can upgrade the hardwares in future
what motherboard do u advise me to get ? something solid n good
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  1. The only thing i recomend is changing your gpu to a 7950. Your cpu and mobo are ery good for gaming
  2. okay thanks what if i have some extra $$ to make it 670 ?
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