New Computer, Really Slow and Weird FPS

So I got a new refurbished gaming computer about 2 weeks ago and everything was fine whilst it was on Windows XP. Fps on my games were great and the computer in whole was speedy. Upgraded to Windows7 (The disc is legit, purchased from PC World and used twice before). And everything went to hell. I struggle to run any games at a stable fps, I range from about 10-20 fps on minecraft and runescape. Everything on my computer just seems so slow, it can have its moments but rarely. I have reduced all my system settings, and i'm using my computer in classic view mode. Can anyone help me please!?

Here are my Specs:

CPU: 2 x Intel Xeon Processor 3.0 GHz - 800MHz FSB - 64-Bit - (1MB L2 cache)

RAM: 4 GB (4 x 1 GB) PC2-3200R DDR2-400 ECC

Hard Disk Controller: Integrated serial ATA (SATA) controller - RAID 0 & 1

Hard Disk Drive: 160GB 7200 rpm SATA Hard Drive Installed

Graphics Card: XFX (ATI) HD5450 - 1 GB GDDR3 - PCIe - VGA, DVI & HDMI Output (BRAND NEW)

Audio: AC’97/16-bit stereo full-duplex

Network: Integrated Broadcom 5751 10/100/1000 LAN

Any help is highly appreciated!
thanks, Acercut
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  1. You bought a old out dated computer. My guess is you didn't bothe to go and install the motherboards updated drivers. Especially the chipset.
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