No performance changes using Catalyst Application Profiles

Overall, I am very happy with my setup and scores in both 3dmark 11 and unique heaven 3.0...just a bit suprised to see that I see no change in performance when I use any of the CAP settings (I've even tried using the "wrong" application to see if it would change). Has anyone else experienced this before (not even sure if it really is a problem, maybe just being picky)?

Here is my setup:

Kingwin LZ-1000 Laser 1000 watt psu
Asus Rampage IV extreme extended board
I-7 3930K
16 gb (4 x 4gb) crucial ballistix sport ram
(2) XFX R7970 dd (not ghz edition)
(2) ocz agilitiy 3 120gb ssd in RAID 0

overclock settings:
3930 OC'd to 4.9 by 122.5 blck and 40 multi
Ram using xmp profile, 9-9-9-24 (i believe) timing
7970 in cf (synchronized in AB) 1250 mhz clock, 1675 mhz mem

Settings in programs:
Fresh install of windows 7, with all updates including service pack
installed amd driver set 12.8 whql and 12.9 CAP 1
Verified that only one CAP is installed
added the missing dll file to afterburner and ran the /xcl to overclock
enabled unofficial overclocking in AB to be able to run mode 2 (no powerplay)
disabled ulps for both cards

I've also tried messing with a few other tweak programs, but can't adjust memory voltage on any of the other programs so I gave up. I've also done a complete uninstall of all AMD/ATI files using ATIman the first time, and then manually doing it following a guide (google uninstall amd drivers, there is a good guide).

I've tried using the default crossfire profile, and also the specific one for each of the benchmark programs....the change tends to only be around 20 or so points, so I figure that to be to low to think of it changing.

My best score so far in 3dmark is P18200, graphics score 20533, physics score 15040 and combined score 11843. This was done by using these settings in CCC: Anti-aliasing, use application settings (morphological filtering off), Antistropic filtering, use applicatoin settings. Tesselattion, AMD optimized, Catalyst A.I., performance, surface format optimizatoin off. Vsync off, Anti-Aliasing mode, multi-sample AA. OpenGL triple buffering off.

I am very impressed by the scores, just wondering if I might be able to squeeze some more out of it if I do have a problem with CAP not changing. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated...I've been over everything that I can think of.
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  1. CAP profiles don't affect performance much, if at all, in synthetics like Unigine and 3dmark.

    CAP profiles affect game performance and compatibility only.
  2. Thanks for the info! I kinda figured (well maybe feared lol) that the CAP wouldn't effect the benchmarks. Just got the bug to get bigger numbers but I'm just about maxed out lol.
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