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January 25, 2002 4:06:18 AM

Scuba - You could easily become my new best friend. I just read you fix editing machines...and guess what, I have one that needs fixing.

My regular one works great. It's an Asus A7A266, 512DDR, couple 60GB IBM's, etc. I use firewire on it and it's been a real stable work horse.

I just built one using the A7V266 (not -E), 512DDR, 60GB IBM, Gainward GF3 ti200, SBLive Value, DVD, Burner, bla bla bla, and a DV500+.

I cannot restart it as it hangs up on the reboot, and sometimes it hangs for no reason. If I do a shut down and then restart, I'm usually okay. It was doing it prior to the DV500+ so I know it's not that. I'm running Win2k and think maybe it was a bad install. I spent hours putting on all the software and would prefer not to have to wipe the whole thing out. (Speaking of which, I love Win2k but would you go with 98 for the DV500+?)

Also, for no reason, the scanner (an Epson Perfection) keeps locking the system up. I have a CanoScan on the other machine and it works great. I guess this is what I get for tyring to upgrade.

Last question. I have friends that run the DV500+ and ProOne. But for my money's worth, which way should I go? (My wife is all for the DV500+...because she can use the other $500.00 for her pleasures.)

Please let me know if you have any answers. Thanks!!!

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January 26, 2002 2:03:42 AM

1. Pinnacle has just released a new version of the PEE - PCI enhancer utility. running it will fix some known Isues with your mainboard chipset.

2. Then is the old PCI slot swaping. in lot's of times it fixes problems like this one.

3. I will stay with W2K. roumors are that Adobe going to release Premier 6.5 and it's my fealing that it will fix some bugs and issues, as well as give better compateblity to XP and the new V.3 drivers for the DV500+

4. it's your call. $500 is a nice bundle but If I was you I'd spend them on somthing like a premier filters ( or USB jog/shattle.

There is a new article about the Pro-One Vs. the Canopus DV Storm at my site. you can look it up on my profile.

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January 26, 2002 6:02:41 AM

if OS is any consideration too. meaning if you are set in running w2k, i wouldn't go with the proOne. no support for it under w2k.

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January 26, 2002 6:58:30 AM

Actually the new drivers for the Pro-One Version 1.5 from the 18.12.2001 are supporting W2K as well as XP.

Intel / AMD - <A HREF="" target="_new">IBM are still the best</A>