GTX 560 ti vs 660 ti

I've been running a GTX560 Ti for the past 6-8month it's just a basic stock 822mhz i think? I was looking around at some 6xx series cards because in most games i play i feel abit Vram limited and it seems to underperform.

I play @ 1080p (BF3, Planetside2, WoW and other FPS titles 2 many to list)

I would like to know if this would be a worthy upgrade:

ASUS - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660TI Overclocked Edition PCI-E Graphics Card - 2 GB

I know pc world isn't the greatest / cheapest but it's local

I have looked at other forums/posts and people recommend a GTX 670 due to the 256bit memory however for the extra £100 is it worth it for 1080p if i do not require MAX settings?

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  1. You're not vram limited on a single 560ti, it's just not a super powerful card.

    Ironically, the 660ti is held back by its memory more than the 560ti is. The 660ti isn't a horrible purchase if you are OK not using MSAA, or using MSAA sparingly. If you want MSAA, the 670 is the way to go.

    But honestly, if you don't want MSAA, I'd tell you to save another $100 and get the GTX 660. It will perform similarly to the 660ti. The 660ti is overpriced for what it is - it's sort of sitting in a GPU no-man's-land.

    Also, what is your CPU?
  2. I'm using a I5 2500k I only mention the Vram limit because even with some games nowhere near max the memory load is almost maxed out at 1gb.

    I'm not looking for super eyecandy settings i'd just like to play on medium settings without any fps drops! lol like i posted i always feel the 560ti is holding the system back
  3. The main question is... Is the 660ti worth it over a 560 ti :)

    Thankyou for posting btw
  4. The answer is no, the 660ti is not worth it over anything. It's overpriced for a card so starved for memory bandwidth. The 660 or 670 are much better options. If you're dead set on the $300 price point, the 7950 is the way to go.
  5. Really the only games you have to use x4 MSAA on the 660Ti is games like battlefield and crysis. Any other game you can use more and get great frames.
  6. Is the standard 660 not alittle close to the 560 ti's performance to consider the upgrade tho? So really it's 670 or nothing from what you're saying BigMack70
  7. The answer is a 660 ti is a bit overpriced a 660 7950 670 are priced good right now
  8. The 660 is on average ~28% faster than a 560ti:

    The 660ti looks good in this chart, but that's because the 660ti's problem is minimum framerate, not average. It has great average fps numbers, but relatively poor minimum fps numbers for its price.
  9. I moved from a MSI 560Ti to a MSI 660Ti (1080p monitor), and I'm very happy with the difference. Now Ican play BF3 with 48 players on Ultra 2xAA and get 70+fps. Considering 90% of my gaming is BF3, it is a good choice for me. However, for the same $300USD I'd recommend a 7950 cuz it performs very comparable to the 660Ti in BF3 and above the 660Ti in most other games. I would have bought the 7950 but it is overpriced where I currently live (Taiwan).

    Also, you mentioned you don't need the top settings so definitely don't buy a 670. Stick with the $300 price point. I think 670s are more geared toward higher resolution like 1200p or people that want multiple monitors.

    I just saw your link. If you buy from that store then definitely get the 660Ti. £280 (660Ti) vs £380 (7950)is a big difference. However, maybe you can shop around some more.
  10. Thanks for the posts everyone i appreciate the help. I would like to consider the 7950s but i've never owned an AMD so i'm biased i guess! I think my heart is set on the Ti version ignoring it's pricetag :( and like Envy14tpe said the 670 is alittle overkill for my needs @ £100 extra

    Would I see a difference between the ASUS OC vs the MSI card? I'd take the higher clocks but i've had a Direct CU II cooling system before and loved it... ignoring all other cards now which of these 2?

    - Core Clock: 1019MHz (GK104)
    - Core Boost Clock: 1097MHz

    - GPU Base Clock : 967 MHz
    - GPU Boost Clock : 1058 MHz
  11. Both are great flip a coin heads msi tails asus that's what i would do anyway lol
  12. For mobos, I'd take Asus over MSI any day.
    For graphics cards, the reverse is true; I'd take MSI.
  13. Oh wait... Sorry guys i think this had been a totally pointless thread i just found this from some link in my other post lol

    No brainer?
  14. Onus said:
    For mobos, I'd take Asus over MSI any day.
    For graphics cards, the reverse is true; I'd take MSI.
    +1 i agree
  15. Bump321 said:
    Oh wait... Sorry guys i think this had been a totally pointless thread i just found this from some link in my other post lol

    No brainer?
    :o get that
  16. Yeah i thought so :)
  17. Get the 670 at that price. £300. You'll love the extra eye candy it'll give yah. Are you sure there are no cheaper

    I was surprised, the prices are horrible in the UK too. Your £300=$480USD, yikes. That's comparable to Taiwan's price.
    In the US you can get it for $400=£250
  18. Yeah Uk prices seem insane compared to what i've heard some people pick them up for... All my local / normal online stores all seem to be between £300-370 depending on OC/cooling system

    The MSI OC is still best value in scans sale that i've seen
  19. Well turns out the cheap guy was the wrong guy!

    After reading about the MSI overvolting issue with Nvidia being unhappy i was rather worried but none of that matters now...

    I received my card an hour ago eager to install it to find the box had already been open. The board itself was a complete mess and stunk of burning! If that wasn't annoying enough they'd put fresh stickers on the solder instead of in the blank spot I assume to hide even more damage.

    Scan claim they only received the card 1day before shipping it to me and they'v accepted giving me a refund and even supplied a courier for free.
  20. well that sucks!Please take a picture of it i want to observe something thanks!And, sorry to hear this although happy you are being reimbursed without hassle
  21. Sorry by the time you posted this it was already back in a DPD sealed bag :(
  22. Hmmm....that's o.k. i just wanted to confirm rather i was right about my thoughts and you have confirmed my specious
  23. Who did you buy that piece of junk from?
  24. I bought it from however they claimed it came straight from MSI warehouse 24 hours b4 they shipped it...
  25. Sorry for the late reply i forgot about this thread untill DPD picked up the dead card today \o/
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