PC restarting randomly.

Hi, I'm posting this here because I believe the problem could be graphics card related.

For about a week now, my desktop PC has been randomly restarting (no BSOD or anything).
I have turned off the automatic restart setting in system settings, but it is still just restarting.
There also does not seem to be a minidump directory, so I can't check the logs.

I have made a couple of changes to my PC recently which could be the cause.
First, my PSU died about two weeks ago. I actually came home to the PC constantly turning itself off and attempting to restart every few seconds (it wasnt even booting up), and making a 'crackling' kind of sound.
Anyway, I got a new 630W PSU. (My old one was 650W).

Everything seemed to run fine after the new PSU went in.

Second, I recently bought a second monitor for a multi-monitor setup. However, since I also have my TV hooked up to my PC, I needed to buy a 2nd graphics card.
I think my problems started a couple of days after installing the new monitor and graphics card.
I can't seem to notice any pattern to when it restarts. It is not when the CPU or GPU is under load. I played games for a few hours with no problem.
But it has seemed to restart more frequently when viewing something on youtube (but not always).

Anyway, here are the system specs:
Windows 7
- Kuroutoshikou 630W PSU
- Asus P6T MB
- ATI HD 4850 (this is the card I have had for a couple of years and has been fine) *Both my monitors are plugged into this card.
- ATI HD 5450 by Gigabyte (this is the new card which I suspect may be causing the problem) *Only my TV is plugged into this card.

The HD5450 is installed in the 2nd SLI slot on the MB (should I try putting it in a regular PCI slot instead?)

I have been running HWMonitor also, but the temperatures don't seem to get particularly high.

I have actually just removed the HD5450 card to see if the problems persists, so I will post back with that too.

In the meantime, does anyone have any ideas about how I can go about diagnosing this problem?
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  1. first check your computer temp by downloaing this program
    run it
    then upload an image
  2. I had this happen on a old system once, and was baffled. Ended up being the power supply was dying as you stated. One day it ended up blowing in the case (luckily no components died).

    Wait... You have a older ATI cards, and a Newer modeled ATI card in the same rig? I'm not an expert with multi cards, But don't you need to keep the same type in the rig?ie: 2 5450s or 2 4850s. Perhaps the drivers are complaining and causing you grief in that way. I've never heard of anyone using a old model and a newer model. Take it out and see what happens. I think you answered your own question.
  3. Hi, here is the screenshot of HWMonitor. Temps seem ok to me...
  4. hey nao1120. I am not using the cards linked or anything. The 2nd card is purely just to connect my TV to (since I can only connect max 2 monitors to the main card).
    I think it is ok to do that right?
  5. man your motherboard temperature is too high 89 c
    and vga is 68 is high also
    try this
    clean up your computer from dust
    also check your fan if they are working properly or not
    then how many fans u have in your computer
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