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Small electrical noise ok? - MSI GTX670

Hey guys, I have a MSI GTX670 (the newer, twin frozr kind) and while it's been a great GPU so far, there's a small amount of electrical/buzz sounding type noise when it's put under medium and heavy loads. I believe the sound has nothing to do with the fans, as I've tried every different fan speed in Afterburner to check if it actually was the issue or not. Only the fans themselves got louder this way.

It's at its loudest when the GPU is under 50-70% loads which seems very odd to me, and it's louder when playing games that aren't terribly demanding, but not as noticeable when using Kombuster.

Main point here is, should any amount of humming or electrical noise be acceptable for large GPU's? Why is it louder when only under certain loads and not when under 100% load?
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  1. While this could be coil whine, any buzzing is abnormal. I recommend you put the system under load and, with the side panel off, try to isolate exactly where the problem/sound is.

    Could be something as simple as a vibrating wire or an out of balance fan. I have seen all sorts of interesting sound sources over the years from the innards of PCs.
  2. Oh I've already isolated it to the GPU. Best I can do is try the GPU in another computer and see the problem persists.
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    This might be cause of the electrical noise:

    MSI Caught Overvolting GTX 660 Ti, 670 Power Edition Cards

    If you are unhappy with it, I recommend a RMA, risks of these cards is clearly stated in the Tom's article above.
  4. Many GPU's produce a coil whine. Mine does, but only when benchmarking, i have never heard it in a game. not sure if there is any way to dampen the sound, in my case it doesn't bug me and from everything i read it's not a reliability or longevity issue.
  5. Hmm interesting, my gpu does that when overclocked, its just the capcitors vibrating on the cards pcb. Its likley due to the fact the msi overclocks the card from factory(especially the twin frozers), what you could try is reducing the voltage using msi afterburner if it seems irritating, or you could get the card replaced.
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