VGA socket screwed?

Hello, my pc hanged when iam playing warcraft III when i reset it there is no more display. I tried to fix it but nothing happens that night. The next day I tried to open my pc and it worked and seemed everything is fine then when i turned it off for a while (5 mins) and tried to boot it again suddenly there is no more display again. The next day to that i boot the pc then it started turned it off for a while opened it nothing happend again. I can say my pc is running because there is windows sounds and all the components inside are with lights and seemed running normally.


Is my vga slot screwed up?

Will installing a pcie or vga on agp slot will resolve the issue?

Will the video card detect mobo even if there is no installed drivers?

Change mobo for future upgrades?

p5kpl-am epu mobo
dual core
2 gb ram ddr2
Win 7

sorry to put this post in this section no one is replying on the MOBO's secton
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  1. Are you using the onboard video? That motherboard does not have an AGP slot so you can't use an AGP card anyway, you are mixing up the terms.

    Your video card could be bad, if it's not the onboard one, try it on another system. If it has issues in another computer, need to replace it. Need to give your full system specs though, including power supply wattage to see what card will be OK for your system.

    You should also check the cable and maybe try a different monitor before buying a new card.
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