Building a new gaming PC, Need input

Hello, I am currently researching components for my first true gaming PC, I am almost positive all of the components are compatible with each other but I would like an outside opinion. In addition, If anyone has better options for me that work just as well for less or better for the same price range (About $1,850 US) please voice them. Without further ado, here is my list of parts:




Hard Drive:


Power Supply:

Graphics Card:

CPU Cooler:

CD/DVD Drive:

I really appreciate any and all input as I am still very new to this, In addition I an unsure as to which version of Windows 7 to use. Thanks in advance!
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  2. You seem to have some real high dollar items like your GPU ($600) and your PSU ($250) that seem a little overkill. Its your money but you could reduce your budget and still have a gaming rig that will play all games on ultra for less money.
    Also you do not have an SSD listed. They are coming down in price and are great for quick load times.
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