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Any major advantages between XFX HD7870 Core vs. Double D

Hi all,
I'm a nooby when it comes to Graphics cards but upon reading on forums...
I've been tracking the HD7870 series to buy recently and noticed the core and Double D versions tend be to on sale for ($215 CAD for the core and $220 for the Double D after rebates)

currently: on sale

Are there any significant advantage between the two? If not I will just get the Core (unless there are better cards for an extra $50-100)


My computer specs are:
-i7 3770k
-650W PSU
-16 GB RAM
- Toronto Canada

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  1. do you mean double dissipation (double fan) and core (standard gpu core at 1000mhz) ??, then i suggest the double d, more overclock room you could even overclock it to a 7950 performance level. More fans better cooling more overclock room without crashing.
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    I bought the Core, and right after that, the Double D went on sale. To be honest, my fan is running pretty cool, DD is probably only going to give you less than 4 degrees extra cooling for when you overclock.
  3. $5 difference is not bad at all. I will actually suggest the DD.
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