How do I know if my computer can support a graphics card

I am using crossfire ATI radeon 5670's which i know means has a PCI express slot but I don't know about my power supply I know its at least 500W because I can run crossfire, you might be able to tell I'm quite new to this about the biggest thing I have done is upgraded my RAM I am interested in getting the GTX 690 but obviously I don't want to spend the money if I cant run it some additional information that may be required is my motherboard is an Alienware board called the Alienware 04VWF2 and I am using 8 Gigs of RAM and am running an i7 2.66Ghz no overclock. Thanks in advance for any help.
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  1. Well yeah kinda all depends on your power supply, you'll need to figure out how many watts you have. It should say right on it.
  2. High end cards need at least 600-800 watts of power for Crossfire systems.
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