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ASUS GTX 660 (non TI) DIRECTCU II TOP? Does it exist and can I buy it?

Alright well I guess I can ask a few questions inside of this one large question.

Ive been out of the computer building game for a while, and now I am building a new computer for gaming (BF3, BL2, Dishonored, stuff like that)
I have seen alot of benchmark tests between the GTX 660 (Non TI) vs the HD 7870. I thought that for the price and the fact that the performance differences are so small, in fact alot of the times the GTX 660 performed better, that I would just get that. Then I saw that they were using a ASUS GTX 660 DIRECTCU II TOP card as their reference test against these. I see the performance is better, so I go looking..........and this card is non existent. I mean I cant find it anywhere, but all these sites are reviewing it and saying its great and it will cost around $249.99.

My questions are:
1) Is this card even on sale (ASUS GTX 660 DIRECTCU II TOP)? and where can I get one?
2)If it isn't, than should I just swap and go to the 7870?

My two card choices are:
ASUS GTX 660 DIRECTCU II TOP or XFX Double D Radeon HD 7870 GHz Edition Black Edition 2GB

I want to play BF3, BL2, Dishonored, etc.

Which one? Why? and If I can't get the TOP edition, should I drop down to the EVGA GTX 660 1111mhz SC or go with the XFX 7870 black edition?

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  1. After some research it seems the card you are looking for is the 660 ti. The only other 660 by asus is $249 and its not called the top edition. Honestly I would just save 40 more bucks and get the gtx 660 ti msi power edition.
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    Wait for it. There is a Top model for the 660. The 660 Ti Top was deactivated for like 2months and just came back last week. Just wait on it and it should come back. It DOES exist.
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