No display, mobo issue?

I build my first computer back in early July (with a knowledgable friends assistance), and am currently having issues with the computer not getting any display. The specs are as follows:

- ASUS M5A97 MoBo
- AMD Phenom II X4 CPU
- EVGA GTX280 GPU (replaced in Sept with a EVGA GTX560ti)
- Corsair TX650 650 watts PSU
- G.Skill DDR3 Ram
- Windows 7

Computer worked for about 2 months until when I booted it got no display. If figured since I had owned the GTX280 for quite a while it was just at the end of its life and time to upgrade anyways so I purchased the GTX560. Once installed it worked fine until Nov. After I lost all display this second time the system sat for about 2 weeks before I had time to tinker with it. I swapped the PCI slot that the GPU was in and the system then seemed to work fine for a week until the same issue reoccured.

I monitored by GPU temps and it idled around 37*C and maxed around 61*C under heavy usage. I do not have integrated graphics on the MoBo. And I have tested the monitor and know its not the issue.

At this point Im still not sure whether this is a GPU or MoBo issue. I'd like to explore all possibilities before I end up losing a component for a month on an RMA. If anyone has any suggestions I would be appreciative. Thanks in advance.
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  1. If the GPU worked by swicting PCI slots (temporarily), I would be more suspicious of the MB.
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