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Hello, i´m currently having difficulties with mounting my graphic cards a XFX AMD Radeon HD 6870 in my motherboard a G41M-VGS3/ G41M-VS3. I did normally, uninstalled drivers, turned off my computer, unplugged and etc. Yet, when i plugged everything including the power supply to my graphic card, nothing happened. Everything turned on but nothing shows up in the monitor.

I unplug the new graphic card and turn on my computer with my standard build to research. My graphic card has 2 DVI ports and according to some webpage and the user manual i´m suppsoed to plug my monitor to my graphic card and not to the VGA port. Problem is i don´t have the cable nor my monitor has a DVI outlet but only a VGA. Do i have to buy another monitor? Is there a cable that will able to do it? Or is just a problem with something else?
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  1. nervermind, sorry for not researching a bit more. I finally noticed about the adapter.

    But the question remains is it suppsoed to happen?
  2. The motherboard manual does state:

    If you install the add-on PCI Express VGA card to PCIE1 (PCIE x16 slot), the onboard VGA will be disabled.
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