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Did a fresh install of Windows XP Home on a computer and now my screen resolution resets its self to 1280 x 720 every time I restart. The only way I can change it to 1360 x 768 is by using Catalyst. Under Windows the highest setting is 1280 x 720. My HDTV looks the best at 1360 x 768. I have the most up to date drivers for my video card Radeon HD 4350. I have no idea what to do to fix this!
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  1. did you use those driver these are for xp 32 also what is the max resolution settings your monitor could support
  2. Yes that is the driver that I installed. My HDTVs max resolution is 1360 x 768
  3. when you put the 1360x 768 do you apply the change in ccc and what does ccc panels give you if you under desktop property,also what is the settings under flat screen property also check those box adapt image to screen panel and activate scale by gpu and press apply , what are the hdtv mode that your screen could support that under sopport hdtv also in that page you got the personnalise one apply the format that goes to your monitor
  4. Enabled GPU scaling and it still resets at restart. Everything under CCC panel works fine. I go as high as 1920 x 1080. If I try to change the screen resolution under Windows it only goes to 1280 x 720 When I change it under CCC it will show 1360 x 768 in Windows settings but no higher if I restart it goes back to 1280 x 720 then I have to go to CCC and change it back!
  5. when you change in the ccc did you press the apply button
  6. Yes I pressed apply and the screen is at 1360 x 768 now it will stay like than until something changes it when I play Call of Duty 2 it will only go to 1280 x 720 when I quit the game the desktop will be back to 1280 x 720 and I will have to go back into CCC to change it.
  7. do the game have video settings for the one you use
  8. Pretty sure that it did. It has to be a software issue because I had Ubuntu installed on this computer and didn't have this problem. Seems like Windows only wants to go as high as 1280 x 760
  9. it should stay on the settings something is making conflict with the driver and windows
  10. Going to try the drivers on the Gigabyte website. Would fee; stupid if that is the problem I have always used the ATi drivers on other cards and never had troubles before.
  11. Tried the drivers from Gigabyte and it still resets the screen resolution at restart!! Can't figure out what is wrong

    scout_03 thanks for your help!
  12. that is realy unusual
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