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Im looking to move my computer to a CM storm scout case. Currently im using the Antec H20 620 water cooling loop. Could i get away with just taking out the mobo and putting it in the new case leaving the loop connected?

Obviously I would have someone holding the rad whilst i transfer it and screw it in.

Thanks all
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  1. Of course you could do it. Would be better to disconnect it but you could transfer it still connected if you are dead set on doing it that way.
  2. Its definitely possible to leave it connected, but it might be a little bit tricky. I honestly would just recommend to take it out and reinstall it, especially since some tubing of some sorts could be cut by mistake when transferring it. If it was a heatsink, you could do it no problem, but a CLC with dangling pieces... I dunno, your risk.
  3. You could leave it on, but be very very careful with it. I would recommend to leave it off, but I've moved my mobo to like 3 different cases with the water block still attached.
  4. Leaving it attached I would have someone holding the block obviously not going to leave it dangling xD
  5. just another quick question would the H20 620 fit in a Storm Enforcer case?
  6. It should fit. My friend had an H60 (ironically the one I am using now) in his Storm Scout, so I would assume it would fit.
  7. Ah right thanks for that was just a little curious about mounting the bracket on the mobo
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