GTX 550 Ti - Low Performance Problem

Hey guys,

I have got Nvidia GTX 550 Ti DDR5 1 GB (Bought it 3-5 months ago) and I don't seem to see any change between the last Video card I had and the one I have now (GTX 550 Ti). I am not able to play video games/latest new games on high settings and they lag mostly, even GTA SA not full FPS it lags when I mod it.

My specs are:

Processor: Inter(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU 530 @ 2.93 GHz (4 CPUs), ~29GHz
Memory (RAM): 8192MB RAM - 8 GB RAM
DirectX Version: DirextX 11
Video card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 550 Ti 1 GB

I am really %100 sure that if it won't run GTA IV on ultra high settings but atleast normal, cause I have seen people playing it on even GT 660m Laptops and this is really good brand, not that low. So I am noticing too much lag in many games, P.S my power suppy is 450 Watt. So please anyone tell me to solve this problem!

Thanks, any help is appreciated.
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  1. Try looking for driver profiles depending on the game you are playing.
  2. The 550ti sucks. You're not going to be playing demanding games at resolutions above 1280x1024 on it without turning the settings wayyyyyyyy down.
  3. You're looking at low settings for GTA..........

    It's a horribly ported game.
  4. what is your resolution? how does GTA SA perform without mod?
  5. Gta sa perform well but some times it stucks
  6. it could be the game or driver. what about other games aside from GTA series? what is your gaming resolution?
  7. I own a 550ti and the card if very cappable and in most games i achieve on max settings 55-65fps. only some newer games and some that are exceptions like the crisys series do i see fps on max drop to about 35-45 fps. so far the only game the 550ti cant handle on max settings has been Just Cause 2. I have howsoever have never been successful in getting my 550ti to work with 3xx.xx drivers and have had to revert back to older drivers. Also consider that the i3 530 may be a bottleneck and 550ti can perform at max compacity because of it. I have also no success with overclocking in fact it drops my performance.

    my PC specs:
    -Cooler Master Elite 430 case
    -ASUS P8P67 LE mobo
    -Intel core i7 2600k
    -16gb Corsair vengeance ram
    -Corsair cx600w psu
    -Corsair H60 cpu cooler
    -EVGA geforce gtx 550ti 2gb
  8. What.



    i3 wouldn't bottleneck the 550ti. It's an awfully slow card in the first place.
  9. am sorry to say that but its your own fault , cuz you bought the worst card nvidia had made , nothing wrong in your build , and your not getting low fps because you dont have the latest drivers its just the game performance nothing bottlenecking it in the build , btw you say there is no much difference between it and your previous card what was it ?
  10. The 550ti is more than capable of playing recent games on high settings, it's especially a good overclocker as well. I maxed most games at 1080p with one for about a year so I wouldn't listen to people who say it is a bad card.
  11. What are you guys talking about?

    The 550ti is a POS if you're playing at any half-decent resolution... it's not even as powerful as the HD 7750. It's only going to be playing new games at "high" settings if by "high" you mean medium/low with no anti-aliasing.
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    I just noticed actually you said you had a 450w PSU. When I originally got the asus 550ti I also had a 450w PSU and I had a lot of problems with it. The minimum recomendation for the 550ti is a 450w PSU with at least 22 or 24 amps (i cant remember which of the top of my head) on the 12v rail. Mine wasn't sufficient and all the problems went away when I bought a better quality PSU.
  13. BigMack70 said:
    What are you guys talking about?

    The 550ti is a POS if you're playing at any half-decent resolution... it's not even as powerful as the HD 7750. It's only going to be playing new games at "high" settings if by "high" you mean medium/low with no anti-aliasing.

    you might want to double check on that. based on reviews 550 ti is slightly ahead of 7750. sometimes they were even but in most cases 550ti is faster not slower than 7750. below 1080p GTX550 Ti is a decent card unless you consider decent is able to max out every in game setting at low res than 1080p
  14. I typically don't post things without checking... your info is out of date and driver updates have moved the 7750 past the 550ti, if only just slightly.

    They're even at 1200x800 and the 7750 is faster everywhere else.
  15. +1 agree with you BigMack70
  16. i tried looking into more recent benchmark but i can't find where the two directly collide in a benchmark. from the link you give above TPU only listed 7750 in relative performance and there is no 7750 being listed in individual game test. honestly i was hoping to see both card benched with their latest drivers in individual games to get more detail information on it.

    lol if only i have both card to make my own testing.... :P
  17. Um... you do know that the "relative performance" is the average of all their individual game tests, right? You could just click back in the review to see individual game tests... :pfff:

    TPU retests the cards each review with updated drivers, as stated in their methodology. They are the only site I'm aware of that consistently does this for a broad spectrum of games and cards.

    The detailed information is there, you just have to exert 10 seconds of energy to find it. Obviously the cards will trade blows based on the game, as always happens between similarly performing AMD and Nvidia cards, but overall the 7750 is (just slightly) faster than the 550ti.

    Point is: don't try calling me out when your own information is not up to date. :non:
  18. i check the review for individual games and only see 7770 for the 7700 series card. that's why i say there are no 7750 bench score being listed into the individual game benchmark. i didn't say that out of nowhere.

    personally i still think GTX550Ti as a decent card for lower resolution particularly for 1680x1050 and below. no offence but with what aspect did you think the 550 is POS compared to 7750?
  19. I'd argue that the 7750 is also a POS for playing the "latest new games on high settings" as OP apparently desires. That was my point before you tried to turn this into a "7750 vs 550ti" debate.

    Anything under a 7850 or equivalent is not going to cut it on demanding games at decent resolution.
  20. it depends on games even for latest one but he never mention those. he only mention GTA SA which is quite old and says he have problems with it. but it could be caused by the mod that he was using because he said the game feels lag when he run the game with it.

    things could be more clear if he can mention more details but until now OP still haven't responded to any reply he gets from this thread
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