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Hello! I've built a computer in the past for about $900, my mom was happy and decided she wants me to build one if we can get it cheap enough. We do NOT need an OS, monitor, mouse, or keyboard. I would like this computer to be able to play youtube videos fairly quick and browse the internet(hotmail, google things, etc) with small amounts of load time if that is doable too. I can get things from NCIX or Newegg. She doesn't need a big HDD by anymeans, probably only 150GB MAX. Hmm I think that's everything, hopefully someone can help me out a little! Thanks.
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  1. Seeing the NCIX, you're Canadian like me eh?
    If you don't mind waiting, the NCIX boxing sales should be pretty awesome. I grab almost everything myself during boxing week or black Friday. Their normal sales are pretty good too.
    I am actually helping a friend build a normal use PC.
    CPU almost as fast as the 5700k but weaker graphics since gaming will not be a concern. I chose this since if your mom is the type to keep lots of apps running the CPU side will help. This can also repurpose to be a pretty sweet HTPC in the future and CPU should ahve lots of power left to be relatively futureproof. There are lower level options from both AMD and Intel for about $30-50 cheaper but I think you give away too much performance to hit those price points.
    This board is the cheapest AMD one to offer USB3 and gives a large range of connectivity options.
    8GB of ram since its so cheap now and more ram is always better.
    This PSU will offer more than enough power and comes from a good brand with good efficiency.
    This HDD is decently cheap and moderate power and really for only 15 more dollars you get better power efficiency and way more storage space over the 320GB WD Blue's
    These two are options too.

    I am not familiar with cases so I think you should ask someone else for that. You can find good ones for about 30-40 bucks.

    CPU 100 + MB 80 + RAM 37 + PSU 40 + HDD 75 + 30ish case = 362 +tax
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