GTX 570 2.5mb vs 570 1.25 SLI


Im trying to decide whether i should upgrade my current gpus. Currently im running a 2700k @ 4.2ghz, EVGA GTX 465 SLI and 8gb 2133ghz ram. Mostly play games, COD, Company of Heroes, Rift, Max Payne 3. Im not sure how much better it will be to upgrade to a single gtx570 2.5mb card or SLI 570's 1.25mb? I can get the single 2.5 for around 150ish or SLI 1.25 for a tad over 200. I looked at gtx 580/590/670 and those are just out of the price range.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. At what resolution are you playing?
  2. Ope, hmmm... Im running a single Acer 23" LCD, so 1080x 1950? I should probably double check this... But if i were to guess, that would be it! :)
  3. 1.25GB isn't enough for most recent games at 1080p.
    Get the 2.5GB one, Max Payne 3 really eats up VRAM if you set it with a lot of MSAA and stuff.
    I have my 570 2.5GB for almost 1 year,and it's really good at any game at 1080p. :)
    SLI with the 1.25GBs is nice for multi monitors, but the lack of VRAM would be really annoying.
    BTW, I use the single 570 with SoftTH to play some games on 3 monitors (two 17" and a 23"),and it works really well.
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