Z77-v le plus, new setup problem

Just got my new system set up, specs are z77-v le plus, i7 3770, 8g 1600 vengeance ram, ati radeon 5750 and a Antec 650w power supply. I've ran multiple diagnostics and I'm stumped. Pretty much everything is brand new except the video card, but I have the same problem from the motherboard video as well so I've negated that as a factor. The motherboard led's light up and all the fans run, everything is connected right but I have no display. BIOS doesn't even show. One strange thing I've found is that I get different results from DVI and VGA, but neither work. With DVI the monitor says "No Signal", while VGA shows a black screen and puts the monitor to sleep. I'm feeling like this could be an entirely separate problem...

If anyone has any pointers I would be very grateful, meanwhile I shall continue trying things..
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  1. Also the DRAM led is red. I've tried using a stick of ram I know works in all 4 slots and no luck. I've also benched it to see if I was being shorted by the case or something and still the same result.
  2. You might need to disable the onboard gpu in the bios, connect your monitor to your on board card. boot into the bios, change the setting to not use your onboard gpu. Then it should work.

    Hopefully that is the problem.

    All the best
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